Propane Safety Information

At Kemgas, your safety is important to us. If you smell or hear gas, you should immediately follow the steps below:
If You Smell or Hear Gas


  • Do not attempt to place calls from within the building
  • Do not turn any light switches or other switches on or off. Anything electrical could cause a spark and ignite leaking gas.
  • Do not try to re-light a pilot light or strike a match. Leave gas furnaces, water heaters and other gas appliances alone. Get out of the building immediately and call for help
  • Kemgas emergency number is 1.800.840.4774
  • Do not use your cellular phone to call for help unless you are outside and away from the building. Using any type of telephone could ignite the leaking gas.
  • Do not email emergency requests.
  • Do not start vehicles around gas leaks in outdoor locations.


  • Do leave the building immediately. Do not stay in the building as you might be overcome by the lack of oxygen.
  • Do contact KEMGAS and report the problem. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can respond to the situation. 1.800.840.4774
  • Do remain outside the building until company or emergency personnel clear the facility. Do not reenter the facility for any reason until it is determined to be safe.

Remember, if you smell gas, what you actually smell is the odorant added to alert you of the presence of natural gas. This is a warning sign that you should heed! For your safety, please keep this information in a visible place in case of an emergency.

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