Emergency Services



To Our Valued Customers

Our mission is to provide propane in a way that is safe for you and our employees. Unfortunately, there may be times when you unexpectedly run out of gas. This could create an unsafe environment for both you and our delivery drivers – especially if these emergency deliveries occur late at night. Also, our drivers keep regular routes to maximize their efficiency and minimize operating costs, which keeps our propane reasonably priced for you.

If you run out of propane gas, you should:

  1. Close the service valve on the propane storage tank
  2. Shut off all appliance valves
  3. Call your propane supplier immediately

It is imperative that you are home so we can check the entire gas system for leaks and light all pilots. If we arrive and no one is home, we will either fill the tank and lock it off, or leave it empty. The driver will leave an “Out of Gas” tag instructing you to call us.
This return trip will result in an additional charge

The following is the FEE SCHEDULE for Out of Gas & Lock Off situations

  • $105.00/hour (with a minimum of $105) for pressure test and light pilots, during regular business hours
  • $150.00/hour (with a minimum of $150) off route fee (for deliveries that are not your regular scheduled route day)

The above charges will apply to the following situations:

  • “WILL CALL and WILL CALL PRE-PAY” customers who fail to call or schedule a delivery PRIOR to running out of gas.
    • Requests for a delivery must be made at least 48 hours prior to scheduled delivery day
  • Customers who have run out of gas or have had their tank or meter locked off due to an unpaid past due account balance.
  • Other Causes beyond Kemgas’ control, such as, but not limited to: locked or blocked driveways or pathways to supply tank, unsafe or impassible roadways, unrestrained dogs, or any other condition making delivery unsafe.