What Is Automatic Propane Delivery?

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November 9, 2017
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November 9, 2017

What Is Automatic Propane Delivery?

What’s the difference between automatic propane delivery and will-call delivery? Which is best for me?

Automatic delivery for propane is a common request and makes maintaining an adequate supply of propane for your home or business easy. In addition, it often makes for lower rates for propane delivery as your supplier knows exactly how much you will purchase over time.

What is Automatic Propane Delivery?

With automatic delivery, Kemgas regularly monitors your propane supply levels and combined with your usage history, temperature and other factors they schedule deliveries to fill up your tank when your level drops below a certain point (say 40%). All of this occurs automatically with no need to call, or schedule an appointment, or even to check your tank levels. Additionally, in cases of extreme weather or other emergencies, automatic delivery customers are guaranteed to be supplied. Often when severe weather is expected, automatic delivery customers are sent additional supplies of propane as a precaution if required.


What is Will-Call Propane Delivery?

Instead of automatic delivery, some customers prefer will-call propane delivery service. Will-call delivery means the customer manages their own supply levels and arranges a delivery service when they need more propane. It requires the customer to monitor their own supply levels and call Kemgas to arrange a delivery. Additionally, in cases of extreme weather or other emergencies, will-call deliveries might take longer to schedule and may be subject to additional wait times compared to normal.

Will-call service appeals to certain persons more than automatic delivery. A user might prefer to monitor the levels themselves, and decide when they need more. Perhaps they want to wait a bit longer until refilling their tank, or want to maintain it at a lower level than generally recommended.

Automatic delivery provides a greater measure of safety compared to will-call service. At times, users may be unable to regular monitor their supply levels. They may get distracted or forget to monitor it regularly, perhaps even to the point of running out of propane completely. If this happens leak testing is required before a tank can be refilled.

Automatic vs. Will-Call Delivery?

In the end, automatic delivery ensures users have a constant supply of propane at all times to meet their needs. It also takes much of the hassle out of managing your own supply levels and scheduling propane deliveries. However, for those users who prefer to manage things themselves, and want to have complete control over their supply levels and purchasing times, will-call is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

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